Real Estate Agent Trick - Complimenting terrible houses

Showing you overpriced houses in terrible conditions before showing you the target house.

Once when you have a Real Estate Agent you are willing to work with. The next step or close to the next step is to visit the properties you are interested in purchasing.

A trick your Real Estate Agent may attempt to pull is to first show you a series of houses in terrible condition and is overpriced. Then, after you see your terrible selection and you believe these houses are what you have to work with. Once that belief is set in, then your Real Estate Agent will show you a nice house.

By the Law of Contrast, a valuable house looks even more valuable when it comes after a worthless house.

If you find yourself viewing houses that are just rip offs, be careful when you see a decent house. It is actually less valuable than you believe.  Further, your Real Estate Agent will even try to complement those worthless houses so that when decent house shows up, you believe it's your perfect home!

A Real Estate Agent is a marketing name for a salesperson. By complementing these houses and telling how spectacular these houses on sale are and what a great deal you are getting, it encourages you to buy. By buying, the agent gets paid!


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