Etiquette when visiting a stranger's house

When you travel to visit these houses that you are interested in buying, you entering as a guest in someone else property. Treat it like you are a guest and respect the rules of the owners.

First, if the owner is around, do not critisize the house. Sometimes, people get too caught up in analyzing the house that they forget that this could be someone else's pride and joy. Some people take it personally and critisizing the house could be equivalent to critisizing the people living there. You can make your own remarks after you have left the house.

Second, do not use the washrooms. You are only there to view the house for purchasing. Unless if the owner is there and you have gotten to know the owner better, it is not a polite thing to do to strangers.

Third, don't mess the place up. Turn off lights when leaving and leave things the way they were before you step in. A home can be a private and personal concern. You should notice your agent making an effort to turn lights off and making sure your agent is polite. You should also notice your agent unlocks and locks the door after he or she leaves.

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