Agent pretending to be a hard worker

If you hire a Real Estate Agent, you want them to work hard for your money because you do. And Real Estate Agent knows that. Salesmen know that. But working hard never guarantees success. Sometimes, working hard causes stress and may cause the Real Estate Agent to think poorly and make bad choices.

A Real Estate Agent, like all people, should be have some level of workmanship and ethics, but not to the point of slavery. Do not be gullible enough to believe your Real Estate Agent will climb mountains for you. It is just a job. He should have other priorities. Do not base your Real Estate Agent selection based on how hard they work or how must time they spend with you. The only Agents that genuinely work hard are new inexperience ones trying to establish themselves. Experience agents only pretend to work hard to peek your interest.

If your Real Estate Agent is wasting too much time pretending to work hard, then your Real Estate won't have time to actually get you valuable information you need to make an informed decision.  The moment the contract is signed and the agent get the commission, Bad Real Estate Agents will run to the next sucker and never want to talk or help you any more.

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