1. Why is this web site Free to Post Rental Property ads and Free to Search for Rental Property Ads?
There are lots of web sites that provide free services. There are also lots of web site that charge for this service. I simply want people to use Rent Bin and so that is why we provide it for free.

2. Will this web site be free forever?
Yes, for as long as people are interested in placing Rental Property Ads, I intend to make this web site free for all users forever!

3. Will you be doing anything with the data users submitted?
All data is kept in complete confidentiality. I do not intend to sell or publicize any data we find. I will, however, analyze the data to see how we can provide you even better servces.

4. How do you intend to make money?
There is a self-serving purpose to this site. As indicated earlier, this web site will be free to post ads and free to search for ads and I will continue to commit to this promise. I do intend to find other ways to profit.  At the appropriate times, I will reveal our strategy. There are no gimmicks, catches or hidden surprises. I will conduct ourselves in the most professional manner.

5. What happens if this web site isn't doing what I think it is suppose to do?
Please report it at Rent Help I strive to make sure I provide a fully functional and, error free web site.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please post it at Rent Help